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JLT Rock Blockers 2020+ GT500

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JLT Rock Blockers

(2020-2022 GT500)



ROCK BLOCKER!!!! One of the very first things that was noticed after being around a few new GT500's was the rocks the side skirts collected under normal driving. We spent countless sleepless nights thinking of a solution for this MAJOR problem. After a Monday night of no sleep, we got it!

We designed these foam inserts that simply tuck into the open area of the side skirt to keep this area clean of road debris. These have been tested to 225 MPH on a stationary dyno :-D. We would recommend removing them for track days and extended high speed driving. They have been road tested to 100+ MPH, on a closed course. Do not attempt!

What's included: (2) JLT Rock blockers. Peace of mind and ability to sleep at night knowing rocks are not on your side skirts.